Aviva Motor Insurance & AvivaDrive


Good Day all.

I have been a customer with Aviva Motor insurance for a couple of years now. AVIVA have provided me with a 20% discount for being an existing customer (i have travel insurance via them) and a further 14% off by using AvivaDrive.

upon renewal i thought I would check how much AVIVA would charge for a brand new quote and the brand new quote was FAR less than the renewal.

I spoke with AVIVA and they said that they’re happy to reduce my renewal to match the brand new quote. I then I found out that the 14% AvivaDrive discount had not been applied to the brand new quote, and they’re saying that they’re unable to apply this to my brand new quote.

I am told that I will now have to download the app again and redo the 200 miles. I am happy to do this, but I am not sure I will be able to before my renewal date.

has someone else experienced something similar?


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