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Hi all!
I have a problem I’m hoping I can get some advice on? Last year a car careered off the road and hit my neighbour’s wall, writing my car off in the process. I had to take my uninsured losses claim direct to the other party’s insurance company, AXA. Side note: always take out legal cover then you don’t have to do this yourself
They have paid some of the claim but I am anywhere between £500-£1200 out of pocket for loss of earnings (I work for myself and they say they cannot see how I’m out of pocket), loss of lifetime warranty on the vehicle, and damages.
I have just tried to report them to the Financial Ombudsman Service who say they cannot help as AXA do not participate in the FOS scheme!!!

Is my only option to take this to small claims court, does anyone know?

I’m fuming that they can get away with this!!!

Any help and advice gratefully received


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