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DON”T EVER INSURE WITH ESURE! I cannot even begin to cover how bad their service has been. Yes, the process online is easy and their quotes are competitive. That’s when the good bit ends. I had two accidents while with them, neither were my fault. In both cases the process of getting the claims sorted was awful. If I hadn’t dug my heels in and persued both claims myself neither would have been sorted. They are very keen to settle any disputed claims 50:50 because it is cheaper for them. Your no claims loss is not their problem. The firm is split into teams each dealing with different aspects of your claim such as repairs, money recovery, personal injury etc etc etc. None of these talks to one another. You find yourself constantly chasing up progress. What happens is a young girl who doesn’t have a clue gets a reminder to follow up your claim presumably from their system, she rings the other insurance company, they don’t answer the phone and she gives up and it is another two weeks before the reminder comes up again. Can you imagine how long your claim takes. In my case when I bought my insurance I didn’t read the terms and conditions and missed the fact (in the last item on many pages of text) that I had to pay an extra £200 excess if I wanted my car repaired at the garage of my choice. That made my total excess enormous at something like £750. The other person refused to admit responsibility and they were continually trying to get me to settle. I refused and insisted we went to court. The first accident repairs came in just under the excess and the person on the phone told me (eventually) to go ahead and do the repairs so that they could take him to court. He actually gave me incorrect advice and it turned out that they needed to pay so that they could follow up (rather than me paying). So they then said there was nothing they could do and it was now down to me to persue it. I complained and pointed out I had only followed their advice. they admitted this and paid for a solicitor Horwich Farrelly (who were also useless). In the meantime I was involved in a second accident where a lady reversed into me while I was stationary and had great witnesses. Easy you would think? No! They said the witnesses didn’t count as I knew them (so did the other lady however) and after many months of argument the flatly refused to support my claim into court. They were rude and unhelpful and I had to complain to one lady’s superiors who never responded! In the end I had to firmly deal with the other driver and finally got them, in the face of all the evidence, to admit it was her fault. Did I get an apology – no!! The other clim eventually went to court and the judge, seeing that my pictures proved that the other driver was talking nonsense found completely in my favour. Was that the end of the saga? No, the useless soliciotors then amanged to only pay me my loss of earnings sending the rest of the money for the repair to the insurance company despite having all the details of the case showing me paying for it. So had to ring yet again and chase the payment explaining it was the repair and interest payment that wa smissing. This morning 16 months after the crash I got the cheque form esure – yes, you guessed it. The interest payment was missing. Now I have to chase both esure and the solictor to find out where that payment is. So unless you want to waste loads of time doing all the work for them. They gave me incorrect advice, they didn’t support me when I was patently and proveably in the right and then didn’t pay up when I won the money back for them DON’T INSURE WITH ESURE THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE I WILL NEVER EVER INSURE WITH THEM AGAIN!


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