Baffled by 0%cards


I’m looking to get a credit building credit card and have used the tool this site provides to find a couple that seem like they fit the bill.

I’m just confused as to the way the 0% for 3 months works (as offered on two of the cards). The cards both say that this offer is for 3 months from the point the card is received and will be kept as long as the minimum payments are made.

So does this only take into account my first months spending cycle or is it everything within those 3 months? Also does this mean that it would be 3 months from day one and then the 21 day grace period? I feel like the wording is made to be as vague as possible because I can’t decipher it no matter how much I read.

A final parting question, is there a certain amount of time I should wait before paying off a balance? For example is it possible to come home the day after a purchase and pay it off, or is it better to wait until the last few days of the grace period to pay it?

Thank you for any help in advance


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