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Hi all,
So I’ve been on aqua card for about 3-5 years and they have slowly increased m interest rate up to 44% APR now…!

I initially took it out to improve my credit rating which I’ve done now so I’m now looking for a lower APR card but I also want to use the card to pay off my Aqua balance with 0% interest for X amount of months.

I did the check on the site and a couple of cards came up:

MBNA 0% bank transfer for 30 months and the same for purchases and 19% APR

And a Capital One card with 34% APR and 4 months bank transfer.

Obviously leaning more towards the MBNA card, but is this the correct thing to do to get out of my aqua card? Use the new card to transfer the balance?

Would be great to get some advice and reassurance. Thanks.


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