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Hi folks
I hope you can help. My fiancee wants to clear her credit card but can’t get a balance transfer big enough to do so. My plan is to do it for her but I’m not sure if I’m missing something here that won’t make it work.
I have a new CC with a £0 balance and a 30 month Balance Transfer offer.
I also have a very small business which trades very infrequently.
So can I:

  • Pay 2000 to business with a credit card through izettle.
  • pay the 2000 cash from that payment to her credit card therefore clearing it.
  • Then 0% balance transfer that card on the £0 balance card?

It’s a workaround to help her (us) out. I think even with izettles percentage 0.99% it would save A LOT of money in interest payments.

What do you think?




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