Balance transfer twice from the same card?


Good Evening all,

I have just been accepted for a MBNA balance transfer card with 0% interest until Feb 2021. This is excellent news for me as it has allowed me to transfer my £2500 balance with Aqua and set up a direct debit with MBNA and start to knock off this balance faster instead of paying £70+ a month interest. The direct debit amount I’ve set up also means the balance will be cleared 6 months before the promo rate ends – Winner!

My next problem to tackle is a catalogue bill which is around £800 and has an APR of around 39%. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of available credit left on my MBNA card. I do, however, have a 0% balance transfer deal on my barclaycard until july 2020. I don’t want to try and apply for a 0% purchase card, so what I would like to know is, is it possible for me to pay off the catalogue bill with my aqua card, then do a balance transfer to my barclaycard so I can take advantage of the 0% deal? There is enough credit on the barclaycard to cover the transfer, bur I was just unsure whether you could transfer a balance off the same card twice? Or if Aqua wouldn’t allow it? Or if it’s nothing to do with them as they are still getting paid?

Many thanks in advance. W.


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