Barclaycard 0% term not what they say

Hi, just wanted to point out to others as we’ve been caught out. Applied for long 0% Barclaycard (think it was 26 months) back end of last year. Have a 999 credit rating and did a pre approval check – all ok. Now, our fault I know, Barclaycard approved but we missed that they’d only given us 6mths interest free (would never have applied for this as other cards would have been preferable and never had the term reduced before). Made a large purchase on the card, but the 0% runs out next month not 2019! Barclaycard don’t provide any hard copy Ts&Cs etc so can’t read the small print now.

Fortunately we can afford to pay off the card from savings, but just didn’t want anyone else to fall into the trap – we’ll look a lot more carefully now, but we would still have had a mark on our credit file if we had refused the card and looked elsewhere at the time.

Feeling Barclaycard are misrepresenting their offers and used by the banks once again!

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