Barclaycard – £3,000 limit but no Balance Transfer


Hello to you all,

I currently have a Barclaycard Platinum card with a credit limit of £3,000 and a balance of £0.

I have the card roughly 1 year and initially used it for a balance transfer which I paid within the first 3 months. I then used it for some small purchases and paid my balance in full each month.

I have 2 balances on 2 other cards I am now paying interest on (Tesco £500 and MBNA £700) that I would like to transfer to my Barclaycard but when I telephone Customer Services they advise I cannot do this as “I have no current Balance Transfer offers”. I asked could I transfer the balances using my current normal rate and they repeat the same thing – that “I have no current offers”.

My question is – should I telephone customer relations to close the account in the hope of them offering me a deal to keep me as a customer or should I wait another few months to see if a deal comes up? Just wondering if anyone has a similar experience in this?

Many thanks for any advice you can offer,



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