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Hi everyone!

Firstly I’d just like to say I’ve been reading threads for a while but this is my first time posting so if this is in the wrong place I applologise, but I’ve tried my best !

So let’s begin, last Monday I applied for a Barclaycard platinum, I wasn’t given an instant decision and wasn’t sure what was going on. On Thursday I’ve received a letter saying I’ve been accepted but with 29.9% APR rather than the 19.9% advertise.

I signed the papers and sent back same day, but since then I have heard nothing. No emails or letters etc. Does this mean I’ve been declined or still could be? I’m a little worried as it’ll leave a mark on my file.

A little background had poor credit but have now built up to UK average. No defaults or late payments for past 3/4 years. Had capital one platinum with £450 limit for 18 months and I want to BT that to Barclays as it’s interest free! Any help would be muchly appreciated!


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