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I had a 14p credit balance left on a Barclaycard. They kept writing to me about it, but I couldn’t figure out how to withdraw or transfer it and I couldn’t figure out how to spend money on the card in such a way that I could restore the balance to zero, because all payments on the card are made by Direct Debit.

This month they sent me a statement and on the statement was a transaction “Credit Balance Refund” so they basically took the money for themselves and restored the balance to zero without any notification or advice. I would have felt better about this if the money had gone to charity or something, but in the absence of any communication from Barclaycard I can only assume this is legal and the money has gone into their own coffers.

If Barclaycard are doing this for every customer who ends up in credit, all these small amounts of money probably end up to quite a sizeable amount of cash.

If it were the other way around this would be theft, as it’s a big company this is somehow ok.

Should I complain?


2016 #5 £35

2017 #5 £35

2018 #5 £12.00


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