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I applied for a new Barclaycard last month. A week later I got an email saying it’s been approved and will be in the post soon. I went on holiday soon after and didn’t see the card in my post box when I got back.

Upon calling Barclays, it turned out that someone appeared to have intercepted my post and got the card and the PIN (that follows a few days after), activated the card and spent about £2k on it before it was blocked by Barclays due to an unusual spending pattern.

They were very helpful and said that the transactions would be cancelled and sent across a disclaimer form for me to report the fraud, which I did.

Ever since this happened, I’ve been worried as to what info besides my name and address might be with the fraudster so I asked Barclays as to what info the fraudster was asked for when activating the card. For some reason they aren’t giving me this information.

Has anyone recently activated their Barclaycard? If so could you tell me what they ask for besides card details?



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