Barclaycard Rejection ?


My Equifax score at the time was 438/700 and 840/999 on Equifax. I was pre-approved for the card, on a 25K salary, recently paid off my car finance in full and never defaulted on any payments, have no CCJs or anything harming my credit file. Last credit card application was 8 months ago and had a credit search done a few days ago for my new car finance which was accepted and I’m paying them less then I did previously for my last car finance. So if I’ve never defaulted or missed any payments in the past with my car finance and loan (NOT PAYDAY LOAN) and have paid them both off in full. And I am living with my parents so I have no outgoing costs then why I was I rejected to not being able to afford the card ? Any advice ? I believe i have a strong file and could I appeal this ?


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