Be aware of Amex Platinum Travel Insurance


I have had my Amex Platinum Card for almost 2 years, the most important 2 things for me is Priority Pass Airport Lounge and Travel insurance.

So far, for the Priority Pass, I can not complaint too much, even I have been refused to get in for serval times, just like a “step son” compared to those who has First class/Business class ticket.

Specially for Gatwick airport South terminal, (there is no way to get in unless you book EARLY or you lucky, just buy a lottery if you can get in, cos you have been sooooo lucky) The other airports, I have got experiences to be re-direct to other lounge which is far, the nearest is reserve for First class/Business class.

OK, My story begins today, I have been missed my flight to Rome due to the traffic in the morning. I was not that worries cos I know I have got a Travel insurance which would back me up. Until I changed my ticket to the only evening one by paying 125euros, I thought I got plenty time to call Amex Travel Insurance to make a claim.

First Insurance staff told me, I can not make claim unless I use public transport or have a accident on the road it won’t be covered by Delayed traffic.

Then I asked to speak to the supervisor, He repeat with the same story.

Then I have tried to make a claim on-line, so I found the ticks, you will never-ever be able to make any successful Claim. until I found the policy wording.

Missed departure. You miss Your flight, train or ship due to an accident or breakdown of Your vehicle, or an accident, breakdown or cancellation of transportation on a Public Vehicle and no alternative is made available within 4 hours of the published departure time;

Delay, cancellation or overbooking. Your flight, train or ship is delayed, cancelled, or overbooked and no alternative is made available within 4 hours of the published departure time;

I am just wondering how would I be able to make a successful claim, so I have tried with different options by making on-line claim, I have no luck to make any process-ful claim.

The reason is below:

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider settlement because your situation is not covered under your policy. Your delay is not above the minimum number of hours as specified in your product terms and conditions.

After all, I am just feel how stupid I am for paying £450 for a year and get a word-playing game at the end.

There is nothing I can do for now, hope you would learn from my case.

I am calling American Express to cancel my Amex Platinum card now….


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