Best cards to use abroad?

My sister needed some credit cards to help with her direct debits after Tesco pulled the plug on its savings accounts creating direct debits (current account interest criteria) so she took out some travel cards as she was looking at going abroad.

She’ll soon be going & i thought i’d take a look to see if she should use one more than the others or some kind of ‘order’ – try x-card first, if it doesn’t work (or whatever) then try y-card, then z-card. If there is no such order then fine but if there is then i thought i’d just take a look to see.

But then i read about there being no charge for things like withdrawals but then the webpage started mentioning getting charged and i was getting lost in it all, which is why i’m here.

She has (all opened this year):

Halifax Clarity
Santander Zero
Aqua Advance
Barclaycard Platinum Travel

** now regardless of which she uses, ALL are currently set up to pay the balance in full.

She was wondering about the possibility of withdrawing cash from cash machines abroad – whether they charge her or not. If she can use any of those cards charge-free to withdraw from cash machines abroad then would there be any need in taking cash with her?

Obviously if she gets charged then she may as well take cash with her and then pay by the old chip-&-pin on cards when she can.

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