Best credit card for emergency use


Hi All

Looking for some advice, can some body tell me what the best credit card would be to have for sort of emergency use only. I have money in the bank and im paying several bills mortgage etc all fine. I’ve never had a credit card before and would like to have one for any type of unpredictable situation for some support.Bearing this In mind this is something i may never use for years so a deal that might be appealing within the next year might be pointless, so confused with it all !!!128583;!!!8205;!!!9794;!!!65039; The best thing if its possible would be a card with a fair amount of time to pay back the money without getting charged at all as i am full time employed and the money will always get paid back eventually. I’m just trying to plan for any worst case scenario where by my bank account gets emptied !!!128514; I also like the idea of the protection buying with a credit card online gives you as i do this frequently.

Any help would be appreciated as there is so many different types of cards and deals i dont have a clue!

Thanks in advance


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