Best Non-AMEX Reward Cards? – Forums

I currently have an AMEX Gold, Barclaycard Reward and the Halifax Clarity cards.

I use my AMEX for my everyday spending, the Barclaycard for anywhere that doesn’t accept American Express, and the Clarity for when I’m abroad (And again for places abroad that don’t accept AMEX)

I’m looking to replace my Barclaycard. I’ve had it for almost two years and I can’t really say I’ve had much trouble with it apart from a bit of friction with customer services at the beginning. But I’m just curious as to what better offers are currently out there. If any.

Currently looking at the Virgin Atlantic card as I do plan to do a lot of travelling later this year and next. Although I’m not too sure if the points value would be of any use to me.

Any good offers out there at the moment?

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