Best replacement for MBNA Rewards credit cards



I am looking for a credit card that pays rewards against fairly spending.

Reading the pages on the topic it seems most recommended are various AMEX cards, often attached to airline promotions (e.g. Virgin or BA). But these cards usually need to be paid off in full every month

I use my credit card to spread payments, in general I clear the card completely every 3 to 4 months, but not every month. I currently use MBNA Rewards.

However, MBNA have ended the Rewards scheme and are replacing the card with a fairly standard credit card, no Rewards scheme at all.

Any tips on the best replacement for me? a card tied to a bank account product is not ideal for me, I don’t really want to change banks, (currently bank with Santander) but I would not rule it out completely.

I look forward to your tips


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