Best rewards when spending £2k per month on credit card?


Hi there,

I run an online business, and every month I spend between £2,000 and £3,000 on PPC advertising. I used to do this from my debit card, but as the expenditure is in the US, I incurred charges on each transaction, so I switched to a zero transaction cost credit card, which is paid off in full every month.

I realise now that I am missing out on a lot of credit card rewards.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what credit card it might be best for me to use? Cash back would be good, but I think I’d prefer air miles as that would force me to enjoy them, rather than just saving the cashback. Which card would you recommend?

I’m sure my monthly expenditure is a drop in the ocean to some people, but if I spend £30,000 per year on my credit card, that seems like I might be able to earn some decent air miles — does anyone know roughly how far that might get me? It all just feels too good to be true, though, so am I missing the catch somewhere?!



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