Best way to borrow every month


In short, I need to run up some expenses for work that will come to about £1200 a month, give or take £100. This will be month in, month out for the next 3 years.

I will get this money reimbursed fairly quickly at month end, but I’m struggling to figure out how I can actually get the cash in the first place. I don’t have that much spare money to hand.

I considered applying for a money transfer card, but reading the T&C’s before I applied (yes, I’m that person) I realised I could only do the transfer in the first 60 days and I’d then have 28 months to pay it back. This isn’t what I want as I need to basically do this and pay it back in full each month.

Is there a credit card out there I can do this with, or is there a better way for me to effectively borrow and pay back over £1000 ever month?


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