Beware “New” Barclaycard terms & conditions


Just a warning to those outside the UK who have a Barclaycard that they use regularly.
I recently received an email from Barclaycard.
“Your Barclaycard will stop working if you don’t get back to us ”
We realise you’ve had a Barclaycard for some time at your current (non-UK) address. As it’s part of our terms and conditions that customers must have a current UK residential address, we’re sorry to tell you that your account will have to close.
“It’s easy to keep your account open – here’s how”
You’ll need to complete a ‘Proof of address verification form’, Simply follow the instructions on the together with a copy of a document showing your UK residential address>

Maybe it has something to do with a recent enquiry re PPI.

Just to clarify:

I have had a Barclaycard for 40 years.

They have known and communicated with me for the last 26 of those years; that I have a non UK residential address!

For me to give a UK address as they ASK would mean a FRAUDULENT action on my part.

So Barclaycard are asking me to commit FRAUD in order to keep my well used card

I know I shouldn’t be surprised as this is the second time – Barclays International did a similar thing after 20 years- my living abroad suddenly after years becomes a reason to terminate a contact.

I realise there is nothing I can do but feel angry how they can now use my living abroad as an excuse when it didn’t matter for 26 years!!!

Sorry for the long post just wanted to warn others about this.




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