Bike got stolen, tried to make a claim and had my policy voided . Appreciate advice


I’ve recently had a nightmare with my insurance company , which has left me royaly screwed because of an honest mistake .

My motorbike was stolen , I maid a claim and they ended up voiding my entire policy , I am still shocked . The crux of it was I checked yes to me having an immobiliser/alarm when I didn’t. I thought this referred to my front disc lock that immobilises my bike and had an alarm , I suppose I was naive and I take responsibility for that .

Now my policy has been voided and I am in the process of making a formal complaint , I don’t even care about the claim anymore .

However I have a few questions and would love some advice .

1) I’ve recently taken out a new policy for a new motorbike , this was only 7 days ago, whilst it was yday that my previous policy was voided . When making the policy I told them the truth at the time, that I made a claim .

Should I inform them now of what has happened ? I am scared I will call them and they will void my policy .

2) I was thinking of canceling my recent policy and then taking out a new one somewhere . It’s really hard with a canceled policy .

I am wondering however as my policy when voided , do o still have to declare a claim ? How could I declare s claim if my policy was voided ?

It is much easier to get insurance with only a voided policy rather than a claim and a voided policy

Many thanks !


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