Bought a car on credit card – could be a duff. What next?


2 days ago (18/5/18) I paid £1,600 for a credit card, (£100 cash deposit, remaining balance on credit card).

This morning and this afternoon (20/5/18) I have noticed two patches of oil under the front right of the car after I parked it, in different places for a few hours. The boot lock has also stopped working so I have to access it via the back seat. Also, It appears that the heater fans do not work.

It came with a three month warranty – although I was told this would be sent out in the post, so obviously I haven’t received it yet.

The car came with a full MOT, which was completed minutes before I bought it. There are no advisories at all.

If the garage refuses to fix these issues, what rights do I have under the section 75, if any?

Do I contact the credit card company straight away? Bearing in mind, the garage is 25 miles away and the MOT place is close to it.


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