Britain goes for a record 55 hours without coal power

City & Finance Reporter for the Daily Mail

Britain went a record 55 hours without using electricity made with coal.

Instead the nation was powered by electricity made from gas, wind, nuclear, solar, and biomass.

The 55-hour, coal-free period ran from 10.25pm on Monday until 5.10am yesterday. 

The UK is trying to get rid of coal-fired generation by 2025 to protect the environment.

Yorkshire power station Drax has been converting power stations to run on biomass, which is a type of wood chip, instead.

The nation went 24 hours without coal-fired electricity last April for the first time since the Victorian era.

In 2017 coal made up less than 7 per cent of the electricity mix.

National Grid director of UK system operations Fintan Slye said: ‘It’s important to remember coal is still an important source of energy as we transition to a low-carbon system.’

James Thornton, chief executive of environmental legal charity Client Earth, said: ‘As if we needed any more proof, the UK has moved beyond coal. 

‘We now need the grid to be ready to bring renewables on-line. ‘



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