Broker gone ahead with Life Insurance without consent


My first post but been lurking for quite some time. So, my life insurance broker calls me a few weeks back ‘reviewing’ my file and making sure I’m happy with my current policy as its been 4 years. I said yes, seems fine but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet! He goes on to say when I initially took the policy out, I requested critical illness but was refused. However, as my health had improved its likely I would now be accepted. Great I thought, I’m interested but cant speak right now, could you call back in the morning? of course, he said yes.
The following day came and went and the topic disappeared from mind. Anyhow, last week I noticed a payment for the same ‘quoted’ monthly payment being debited from my account, by the quoted provider.
I’m obviously not happy as I didn’t give the go-ahead, but who should I contact? the broker or the provider? Should I be overly bugged by this or am I blowing thing out of proportion? Excuse my grammar in advance.


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