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Hi and thank you for reading my message!! I’m sure a lot of you experts out there can help me! I have a leasehold flat that I rent out – I take all necessary precautions insurance wise to help protect my tenant should something go wrong ie boiler radiators plumbing drains etc etc insurance. My tenant called me last night to say she had water dripping through her ceiling – after asking questions etc I ascertained it was coming from her bathroom upstairs and asked her to call British Gas as I have Insurance With them for this and they came out today she was at work so I was there to let them in etc it turned out to be a washer that had disintegrated etc so fixed easily however the ceiling of her living room is badly water damaged and needs replastering – ordinarily if this was freehold I would have insurance to cover this but can’t as it’s leasehold can only get contents insurance so my question is can I ask the freeholder to claim this one the joint whole of building insurance or do I have to pay to get a whole ceiling replastered etc etc thanks in advance hope I made myself clear but any questions please do ask


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