Building Insurance premium sounds absurd


Hello I am reading this forum with interest because I am about to buy a 1 bedroom flat in London which is part of a converted three storey house containing 5 flats in total. The annual building insurance premium for my flat will be £950. The seller’s solicitor will not disclose the total premium for the whole building due to privacy reasons, nor will they confirm whether this £950 is split approximately equally between all five flats. I am suspicious that the whole building’s building insurance is being billed to my flat only, and if not and everyone is paying this amount, then is c. £5000 per year in premium for a 5 flat building normal? The rebuilding value of my flat is £185,000. It’s the smallest flat in the block. The solicitor is refusing to assist, and so the estate agent suggested I call the management company. I did but they refuse to speak to me because I don’t own the flat (yet). The seller is refusing to ring the management company on my behalf or pay any costs towards a re-valuation. Can anybody advise whether a) the £950 annual premium for my flat sounds reasonable, and b) if not, how can I find out whether the whole building insurance has fallen to my flat only? I’ve been told I am being a nuisance by asking these questions to the solicitor. Please help!


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