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We had an attempted break in at our property last week. Thankfully the dog scared them off but there was damage to the French windows at the rear of the property where they tried to snap the lock.

We had a door replacement company out who noticed that the French windows don’t have a lintel above them and one would need installing before they can be replaced.

AXA have agreed to replace the windows but are refusing to pay for a lintel to be installed saying ‘it’s not their problem’. From my point of view they should pay for the lintel too as we wouldn’t have needed to put one in had the French windows not needed replacing as a result of the attempted break in.

Not sure why a lintel wasn’t there originally but the existing French windows were installed some years ago by a previous owner.

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The installation of your French windows was defective. There should have been a lintel put in. Your insurers are not responsible for this. If the previous owners had the French windows put in without having a lintel fitted then this should have been identified in your survey when you bought the property. If you didn’t pay for a full buildings survey then you have no comeback against the surveyor and you are liable for the cost of the lintel.

Why do you think that your insurers should pay for this? You are claiming for the damage caused by the would-be burglars. They did not cause you not to have a lintel fitted, and if they hadn’t attempted to break in you still wouldn’t have a lintel. The repair contractor is quite correct to say that they will not carry out the work due to the absence of the lintel.

You would have needed a lintel fitted even without the attempted break in. The fact that you were unaware of the problem does not change the fact that it was a problem. Your wall could collapse due to the absence of the lintel, so you would have needed to have a lintel put in.

You need to pay to have a lintel fitted and your insurers will pay for the actual loss you sustained as a result of this attempted break in, i.e. replacement of the French windows.

Is this something I should be contesting with AXA

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Absolutely not! This is not their fault, nor is it a loss you have suffered under the terms of your policy.

or am I being unreasonable by expecting them to pay for the lintel?

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Yes you are. It is your problem.

If you had a full buildings survey done then you can raise a claim against the surveyor for failing to notice this. If you didn’t then you will have to pay for a lintel to be fitted.

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