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We’re in the process of buying a new house, however, we sold our old property last year and as it was flat we only had contents insurance anyway (buildings insurance was covered under our factors policy as we’re in Scotland). I now need to get contents and buildings insurance for the new property but I’m a little confused…

Firstly, we had issues in our flat where our upstairs neighbour flooded us on 3 separate occasions. On one occasion the damage was so severe that the communal buildings policy was claimed against. I’m trying to track down the exact details but finding it a bit difficult as I’m no longer a resident they aren’t able to tell me. Do I need to declare this as a claim? It was a communal policy not in my name at all.

We are planning on having some work done (new kitchen, bathroom, potential removal of wall, adding patio doors etc.), however, we won’t be able to get this done immediately as we haven’t got workmen lined up, etc. Will probably start about a month after we get the keys, maybe even longer. I’ve noticed on comparison websites that they ask if you’re having buildings work done. Do I tick yes or do I tick no and phone the insurers once we know when the work will be starting and what exactly will be done?

Also on the subject of patio doors, again we’re planning on adding these on. Do I tick no to this for now and add on later as we won’t have them immediately?


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