Buying from abroad, but paying from UK


Hi all,

Quick question. I’m looking to buy an item from abroad (reputable vendor and really good comms). I need to make a deposit so they can work on it.

I have 2 credit cards:

One is the halifax card I got a few years ago as it’s great for transactions abroad (well it was at the time). The other is a sainsburys 0% card for 30 months which I recently got for this purpose.

For the deposit am I best off using my Sainsbury’s 0% card as I am making the transaction in the UK? Or should I use the halifax one?

When I’m abroad I plan to use the halifax one to pay the final bill.

So I could be using two different cards to pay for the item. If anyone could help with a quick reply that would be really appreciated as time is running out. I just want to know the best way to make the purchase. I don’t have time to apply for another card as I fly next week! ha

Thanks in advance!

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