can I claim on car insurance if the car failed MOT the day my car contents were stolen?


Right so, I took my car for an MOT yesterday. It failed and is booked in to have the handbrake looked at on Monday.

On the way home, I did quite a few errands as I had the day off to take the car for MOT.

I went to tesco and changed money into euros for a holiday in August (I had done a car boot at the weekend so wanted to change the money) also paid £200 on my card and got about 300 euros.

I had £100 already in my purse for food shopping. I took my passport for ID. I also picked up our daughters birthday present which was a new bike from tesco direct.

I picked the kids up from nursery and took them in home.

I have gone out to the car and everything has been stolen!!! I am absolutely devastated. The car was locked so think they’ve managed to access it somehow!? I have no idea. I didn’t want to believe it but its all gone.

Is my car insurance invalid because of the failed MOT?


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