Can I claim on house insurance?

Ok first post. Need help my neighbours have a leak due to my flat roof. We have joining flat roof they have had their side redone few years ago mine not been done can’t afford to I know it’s in bad shape just over 2 1/2 years ago I did have a leak my father came round looked and put tarpooling over temporarily and was going to fix it done his own flat roofs on garage and and extension with help from his friend a roofer but my dad passed away couple months later before getting it done. Mine has not leaked since he put the tarpooling on but next doors has and now they say it’s pouring through! I can’t afford a new roof I’m a single mum stuck on benifits since the ex husband walked out as I have a autistic child to look after can’t work so Money tight so would insurance pay out? Know they wouldn’t for just fixing mine as classed as ware and tear but as affecting next door could I claim? Many thanks in advance any advice oh and no council won’t help as it’s my property!

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