Can someone help me out


This is what I have

Barclaycard just paid off no balance
MBNA 5104 being charged interest as 0% offer just ended
(has a 0% offer available till august at the moment till saturday)
Virgin Money 5151 0% coming to an end in october and january
New Day 1349 0% till february
First Direct 2583 0% ends in November

I had hoped that if i paid off the barclaycard it would trigger an offer and i could move the mbna to that and the virgin to the mbna (which has the offer) and then in time hopefully the first direct one to the virgin one

BUT time is running out for the mbna offer to be used and barclaycard arent coming up with any offers as yet so am not sure what to do I have money I can now start paying them off but without interest not £30 interest added every month.

These balances were on my hubbies cards and we moved them to mine for offers and now he has died and I have to pay them back


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