Can the registered keeper of a vehicle have insuranc3 that names someone else as the main driver?


Hi. Grateful for advice please. I have a car that my son has been using since passing his test last year. I commute into London so only rarely drive it so it’s got to the stage where he uses it more than me. My insurance is up for renewal in a month or so and I want my insurance to be watertight and not leave myself open to accusations of fronting.

It’s my car, I bought it new 12 years ago, I tax it, service and MOT it and I will pay for the insurance renewal and if want to use it I have first dibs on it. But I’m not the main driver in terms of how often I drive it or how many miles I cover and won’t be for the next 12 months.

Can I just insure it my name but put him down as the main driver on the policy? If not what are my options?

Thanks in advance!


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