Cancelled Car Insurance – A(crap)Choice, chargeback HELP


Hi There

Paid for my sisters car insurance (Achoice), long and short of it is that they cancelled it because she couldn’t prove one years no claims discount even though she had given them proof but because she wasn’t the main policy holder they would not accept this.

Therefore her £875 car insurance was cancelled and they gave (me) her a £570 refund for being insured for just…wait for it… one month!

Needless to say, I was not impressed and was told she had to wait 2 weeks for a refund, this didn’t occur and thus I spoke to my bank as I stupidly paid by DB (section 75 I love you)… luckily chargeback has gone through and during the time they have also refunded us 570.

So we are now have the original amount back plus the verbally agreed refund charge.

The reason for the chargeback is that I felt the company might be fraudulent after then checking many POORRRRRRRR reviews and scamming like behaviour so told my bank and explained what happened.

My sister has now received an email and a letter saying that we owe them the full £875 and if we don’t pay they’ll send debt collectors and basically put a mark against her credit file.

Can someone please urgently advise us what to do?

Points to note:

– we paid for the insurance, in full for the year via debit card.

– This is her first car insurance policy with her as the sole driver, she is currently now with admiral with me on a multi car discount both separate policies but the same.

-We did not apply for credit with them?!

Can they do anything and if so… what?

What rights etc do I have?! /. What should we do?!




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