Cancelled car insurance renewal… and was STILL charged


I received a renewal invitation for an existing car insurance policy, which was more expensive than quotes I received online. I called on the 18th May to ask them to price match and I was told several times that they couldn’t match the price I was quoted (despite advertising that they always price match), so in the end I asked to cancel the renewal and advised that I would take a new policy out online using the cheaper quote. I did this and was assured the renewal was cancelled. The deposit for the new policy was taken from my bank on 19/05 – so I assumed all was fine.

Having received no confirmation of the new policy or cancellation of the renewal – I emailed customer service to check that they had lapsed the renewal as requested and didn’t receive a response. Due to lack of response via email, I called again on the 30th May to confirm that the renewal had definitely been cancelled and was assured that the policy would lapse on the 8th June. Despite all this, they STILL managed to debit my account on 07/06, for the annual lump sum of the renewal I had cancelled.

I called again today and was told the original policy renewal was never cancelled and that a refund could take 5 working days to clear. Is there anything else I can do in this situation? The £400+ that has been taken from my account has left me unable to pay rent and bills on time!!


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