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I compiled my first quote on Moneysupermarket for a new car insurance policy on the 9th of May. I had a very competitive quote from first central for £330 that evening, for whatever reason I decided not to take out the policy that day. The following day I looked again and the cheapest quote was £150 more expensive. I then spent the following 5 days up until the 14th searching on other comparison sites deleting cookies and search history. I also created an account in my dads name, trying every resort with the same information to get that competitive quote back.

On the 14th I took the plunge with Hastings who were consistently the cheapest since that initial First Central quote. On the 16th (two days later) I was contacted and told the policy was being cancelled due to conflicting information on the comparison sites. The insurer won’t tell me the particulars of the information other than it was on data entered into the comparison sites…

I never for a moment intended to adapt the information to garner that 1st Central cheaper quote..

I spent hours on the phone to them from the 16-20th to no avail. I sent a letter to their complaints department 5 days ago and still haven’t had a reply. I’ve reported everything to the FOS but I’m reluctant for them to procede until I’ve heard back from this email.

To give you a perspective the cheapest quote I’ve received since I’ve declared the cancellation is £3040! I’m left uninsured taking lifts to get to work.

If anyone has been through a similar situation or knows any legal grounds I could use to contend their decision, I would be immensely grateful.

Thank you!

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