Cancelling travel insurance after holiday and within 14 days?


My son upgraded his phone and took out phone insurance at the same time. the phone insurance is cancel-able after 3 months. I can see that he can upgrade his bank account that offers mobile phone insurance and other benefits for less than the cost of the mobile phone insurance. (unsurprisingly ) So logically, that is what he will do.

Coincidentally he is away on holiday at the moment and only took out his travel insurance, an annual policy last week. The policy was taken out online and comes with 14 cancellation rights.

Given that the bank account upgrade includes travel insurance and that he has no holidays booked at the moment, so doesn’t need coverage once he is home, it looks like he could cancel the holiday insurance, assuming he doesn’t need to claim, once he is home before the 14 days elapse.

When I read that back, it looks like he has benefited from the annual holiday insurance policy, but can cancel. So what am I missing? His particular circumstances means it makes sense and involved no skulduggery on his part, but what stops people doing this often?


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