Can’t open up a bank account.


So here’s the situation:
I’m in the UK, I need to open a bank account so that I can get money paid in from my part time (seasonal) job. I have a German passport which expired 4 years ago (and I currently don’t have all the documents to get it renewed). I’m not applying for a British one because I will need to apply for British citizenship first which costs around £1,000 before I can actually apply for a British passport.

I can’t open up a current or basic account at banks because I lack the ID requirements. I’ve never had a bank account before, and I’m 18 so using a birth certificate (which is also german and not accepted here) is out of the question.

Banks keep suggesting to get a provisional drivers license, but again I will need ID for that ID; which I lack.

So I’m stuck and I don’t know what I can do. I’m currently relying on my mum’s debit card for my income which isn’t really ideal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Dominik H.


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