Capital One and Card Consolidation



I currently have two Capital One cards, both at the same limit of £200. I decided not to consolidate them both at the time, because the newest one came with 0%, therefore I would have lost the rate if binding to the oldest.

Tomorrow marks 4 months since I received my newest card, meaning I am most likely going to be eligible for another card.

I am hoping that this time I will be offered a higher limit. Since my last application, Vanquis increased my credit limit to £1000 from £250 and no defaults with other lenders.

If I am offered the same credit limit as the previous two cards, £200, I may consider simply obtaining it and then consolidating all three cards together, into one main account.

This would mean a credit limit of £600 (which would take over a year to obtain through increases) and only one Capital One card in my wallet, as multiple looks bad

My question to those who hold the answer;

Can I consolidate all three cards into one (assuming I am approved for the 3rd tomorrow) or is the limit for consolidation two cards only?

Can I request consolidation through the Secure Message service or would I need to phone their customer support team? Do they always accept consolidation or is it subject to approval?

Are there any adverse effects of card consolidation that I should be aware of? I have never done this before, however multiple people have told me it is useful.

Your answers would be highly appreciated.


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