Capital One – Approved but cancelled afterwards


Hi, I’m looking for info on details on how capital one deal with approved customers, I applied for a new credit card 7 days ago with capital one, after applying I was Declined for a different card so I tried the classic card that helps build credit and I was Approved with a 200 credit limit so it asked me to sign the agreement and to set up Direct Debt after I set up DD details, on screen it told me its all set up and I should get my online account details and pin and card in the post, I even have proof of this telling me, but I noticed I have not got any email or letters in the post about the card coming, so today I called capital one and they informed me both my applications was declined and cancelled! But I don’t understand as the classic card I was approved and I even set up direct debt so how can this happen,

So I was wondering is that even correct what capital one did? They tell me I’m approved and take my bank account details and set up DD but still declined me!

For the record I was Approved not Pre-Approved



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