Capital One Card Conflict advice please


Hello all, I hope you are having a collective wonderful evening in the zeitgeist

I’m in the middle of signing up for Capital One card (from MSE group I believe), I’ve had success with the eligibility checker and in immediate need of advice because an *apparent* conflict is confusing me [no doubt it’s not an actual conflict, just a perceived one).

Doing due diligence before clicking APPLY I read:

Key features of your Capital One credit card

Summary Box

Now of course this is the “Complete” version of the card recommended on MSE to build credit which offers 0% free for 4 months. I (perhaps erroneously) assumed that I could for example buy a car (part cash part card) use the full amount of credit and pay off over 4 months without incurring interest costs. This is one of the many items written in the aforementioned pre application summary box:

Interest Free Period

  • Maximum of 56 days for purchases where the balance is paid in full and on time
  • 0 days for balance / money transfers and cash

Subject to any interest free period that may apply.

56 days, not 4 months.. So I’m not sure which is true out of:

  1. If I buy an item at my limit I have 4 months to pay off 100%
  2. If I buy an item at my limit I have 56 days off 100%

Any solid advice greatly appreciated. Please note how sure you are on your answer or whether it’s a guess.

Many thanks

[I can’t post a link but the call it Capital One Complete Card]


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