Capital One



I have has a Cap One card since 2004 and have managed the account via their online site, absolutely no problems in all this time.

In October I had a email from them telling me that the website would be changing and I would (when the time comes) have to re register.

I re registered by having a one time only access code text to me which I entered, once again I was able to see my account…and see what the new site had to offer.
I have since then logged on in the usual way (clicking on a part that says I have already re registered) ie username and password….then last week I am shown a page with both my mobile and landline number…I have to select one then I get a phone call with a 6 digit access code…once entered I am in to the account.

I wrote to Cap One asking if this is the new way of getting in …their mixed reply was that they have added a second layer of security to all accounts and that my browser must be deleting the cookies or I have an ad blocker enabled and a pop up blocker enabled.

I disabled the ad blocker and the pop up blocker and set the PC to accept all cookies inc 3rd party ones…..tried to gain access to the account and couldn’t even get the opening page up..until I disabled 3rd party cookies…then I am still required to get a access code via phone to get in.

Is anyone else having this….

Just seems strange that from the original access code all went ok then last week I have this code to enter….certainly has beefed up security.


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