Car accident abroad in car park – claim impact on insurance premiums


Hi all,

I have tried to search this but do not seem to find any such related theme, heres my situation:

Last year in April whilst on holiday in the alps in France we returned to our car (having driven from the UK) which was parked in a hotel underground car park to find that a car had park alongside ours, in the process hitting our car and causing damage (decided to drive into parking spot rather than reverse, our car to one side, concrete column to the other, appears to have done it trying to manoeuvre into space and no doubt concentrating on the column rather than our car).

So, on finding this, tried to contact the owner via the hotel but they were unable too/not very helpful. To complicate matters further the car was on Belgium plates. Knowing this would be complicated I called my insurance company to advise them and seek their guidance on how best to record situation, obvioulsy took a load of photos etc and the following day we left having never identified owner.

Our car was repaired following insurance claim and a year later our insurance company are still seeking to recover money form third party insurers, which leads me to my questions:

My insurance policy renewed in February, increase substancially due to outstanding claim – Do I or can I claim any of this back if I am found as not at fault? and does this continue for subsequant years whilst claim is ongoing?

What happens if the claim is still ongoing and I wish to renew with another insurance company, does the claim continue? Do I still recive excess if found not at fault?

I hope the above is clear and I apprciate any assistance given.


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