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Good Afternoon folks,

I’ve come to pick your brains,

In April, I was involved in an accident, at current I’m held responsible,

I was travelling through a 30mph build up area, the road had a steady bend to the left, a car has pulled out from an adjoining business from my right hand side crossing the opposite carriageway to get in front of me, I’ve only seen this car as he has entered my carriageway due to a stationary bin wagon blocking my view. While he has cut across a live lane he’s narrowly missed being hit by a bus travelling towards him and proceeded to cross 2 solid white lines, and because of the said bus he wasn’t able to see stationary traffic due to a car wanting to turn right and has had to anchor on almost immediately after getting his car on the carriageway, I have unfortunately not been able to stop in time and have collided with the rear of the vehicle, I had about 4 seconds from his coming into my scope to the incident,

I’ve had dashcam footage which I’ve presented yet my insurance company insist I’m to blame, with two factors being his car had entered my carriageway fully so was a “live obstacle of substance” and also I’d had plenty of time to stop, which was maybe 3-4 seconds. His car only fully on the carriageway for 2 seconds.

Is this worth per suing beyond my insurance complaints department

Many thanks,


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