Car accident – false witnesses coming forward


Looking for some help

My In Laws were in a car accident a few weeks ago, where a group of young boys jumped a red light and smashed into the side of them. There was an independant witness behind them at the lights who confirmed that the light was actually red and so the fault was clearly theirs.

The police attended and said it was an insurance matter only. Unfortunately both drivers are with the same insurance provider.

Insurance repairs have now taken place on the vehicle (around £3.5k of work) and the insurance have contacted in laws to say that the other party now has 2 independant witnesses who have came forward on the night. There was no other individuals there as the accident happened after midnight and so this is clearly false.

Despite explaining this the insurance company insists therr is more witnesses who csn confirm the story and so are demanding my in laws pay their £250 excess rather than this coming from those who caused it.

Appreciate any advice, as my inlaws are worried sick with this. It was an accident caused by a young wreckless driver, and it defeats the point of having insurance to protect you if they will.simply accept fabricated witnessws upon a claim.


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