Car accident third party

Hi all,

I guess for purpose of privacy I’ll redact/alter some of the dates/specifics.

But sometime earlier in the year, I had a light brush with a car (this was my fault through and through / determined by my insurance). I effectively clipped the back of the car as a result of the road conditions on my motorcycle.

Long story short, it was, in fact, my foot that came into contact with the car and not the bike itself. This resulted in a panel on the car having been popped off (plastic push pins). You have to realize I am wearing racing boots which have metal sliders on them that stick out, this is the part of the boot that got scuffed, as such I suspect it’s that which pulled the panel off.

Long story short, the person in the car seemed rather odd about the whole situation more so than one would expect. Just in terms of behavior about giving her details. This made me a little suspicious.

Anyway, after fitting the panel back on and exchanging the details after much discussion – we went on our way. I reported, the other driver didn’t. Now, 3 months later obviously the TP made a claim (fair enough) but it would seem they are claiming for an awful lot more than just the paneling on the fender.

I decided to do an insurance check / MOT check, all is fine there.

I even spoke to the insurance about how I would be able to keep my no claims, they said I would be able to reimburse them the cost that they pay out and this would leave me with my no claims bonus intact. Perfect.

My next step was to then go speak to approved mechanic I know (consequently the same vehicle manufacturer) as the one involved and ask them how much it would cost to replace the panel including labor – circa £600 (This is far less than what losing my 3 years NCB would be)

My question is, considering it was my foot that hit the vehicle, I have no vehicle damage what so ever. Traveling at less than 5 miles per hour. How is the TP suddenly able to claim £1000’s on what is quite evidently a job less than £1k – will my insurance question the legitimacy of the TP’s claim on this?

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