Car declared Total Loss – any advice?


So, rear wheel arch has been crumpled a bit by another driver, their fault. Car is fine, perfectly drive able.

The insurers (Admiral) passed me to Auxillis, their 3rd party for managing this stuff.

Auxillis send me to a local repair place, who quoted £3800 for the repairs (seemed very over-inflated to me, looking at the damage).

Due to the high repair cost, it’s been decided (not quite sure by who) the car will be declared a total loss, Category N, non-structural.

Auxillis have further farmed out the valuation of the vehicle to Acorn Assessors. They have valued the car at £5.4k, which seems to be about right from what I can see looking on Autotrader, and have offered me £4.7k from Auxillis, + an additional £700 from the salvage agent.


option A) Keep the car, take £4.7k, and live with the (cosmetic) damage.

option B) take the £5.3k, and get a replacement 2nd hand car.

My current thinking is I’ll take the £4.7k, and keep the car. The damage is mostly cosmetic, so I can live with that, and I know the cars history and know the mileage on it is mostly long cruising commutes.

What I’m worried about though is:

1 – when insurance renewal time comes, insuring a Total Loss car could be problematic, and cost me more.

2 – when insurance renewal time comes, my non-fault accident will cost me more.

Anyone got any general advice or tips on what I should do?



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