Car hit in a hit and run, looking for best advice


Hi all

On Friday night I was driving home (in Sheffield, about 10:30pm), and when I was not far from home, and on a roundabout, a car shot past me on my right going about 45mph and smashed the front of my car, and drove off. Luckily I’m not too badly shaken up from this. I didn’t get a good look at the car, but as I pulled over to a nearby Sainsbury’s, an Uber also pulled up, and the driver asked me if I was ok – he witnessed the whole thing as the other car had sped in front of him. I have his (Uber driver’s details), and he managed to see that the car that hit me was a dark, 56 reg Passat. He also had a dashcam, but unfortunately there was a taxi in front of him which blocked the footage.

So I’ve rang the police and my insurance company, who are saying that it’s going to have to go down to an ‘at fault’ claim as I don’t have the other driver’s details. I went into the police station and filed a report, but apparently it’s going to take 4 weeks to even get a reference number. It’s a very busy roundabout right in town where I was hit, and everyone I’ve spoken to says there are CCTV cameras all around there, but the policeman I spoke to said that basically cameras aren’t going to help me (which I thought was a huge letdown). I’ve given the police and my insurance company the details of the witness who says he will testify and fully help in any way that he can (I guess I’m really unlucky that a taxi blocked his dashcam).

I guess I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I could / should be doing here. I’ll be going back to the police soon to stress that camera footage from the roundabout / roads around it would be hugely helpful, as if they can get a registration number of the vehicle it might help with my insurance (if the other driver was even insured).

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from anyone, this is really doing my head in a bit, constantly hearing the words ‘at fault’ when there’s nothing that I could have done really.



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