Car Insuarnce + Excess Reducer Policy


Hi, I just renewed my car insurance with One Call. My experience has been OK so far.

I have an old car, only drive up to 3500 miles a year so, in order to try to reduce the premium even further, I opted for £250 vol excess…total of £350 excess.

One Call phoned today to ask if I’d received my policy docs — I hadnt because they’d sent them to the wrong email address and then the ‘operative’ asked why I had increased my excess by so much.
I told her my reasons and she said I’d be better to reduce it.

She caught me at a difficult point in my day and I agreed and went along with it and then realised I’d been charged £55 for a ‘Excess Reducer Policy’ which takes away the vol excess but will cover me for the full £350 if I have an accident with an uninsured driver (which did happen to me about 15 years ago and cost me dearly — as well as nearly getting killed by the idiot !).

Im not sure I really understand the point of the excess reducer policy in my situation– as far as I was concerned, Id got my premium down to £199 by increasing the vol. excess and now I’m charged £55 as insurance against having to pay out that much.

Waying up the risks of being a driver over 60 with over 40 years driving experience, driving less than 3500 miles a year in an old car I’m not sure that’s worth another £55.

Am I being thick or have I been sold a ‘pup’…I have a 14 day cooling off period


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